Friday, 25 November 2011

Runnin' fo' fun. teens:)unite

I bet most of you, at one time or another have longed to don festive attire and run, quite fast in a non-competitive, "fun" way for, say 4, maybe 5 kilometers.Be jealous, be VERY JEALOUS, For on Sunday 4th December one half of Lush Designs will be running around Greenwich with a load of other Santa-alikes to raise money for good causes.

OUR particular good cause couldn't be gooder. We're raising money for teens:)unite who support young people who have a life-limiting illness. Please sponsor us, the link below will make it very easy to donate....


  1. Good luck, the suit will make you run faster!!x

  2. Just donated! good luck! hope the sun shines, :)xx